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Our company has several production areas based within existing industrial zones across Saint-Petersburg region. Our main activity is structural metal processing. We manufacture products for pulp and paper industry, oil and gas industry, X-ray equipment production etc. Our clients are small businesses as well as leading corporations.

We have a wide range of machines and equipment as well as experienced, highly skilled workers. Every client is unique and our approach is always individual. We can produce unique, single items and we can do it fast (instantly, if necessary). You will be pleased with our pricing!

Русская версия

Our company guarantees:

High quality standards.

The standards are ensured by professionalism of our specialists who have many years of work experience in defense industry.

Flexible and reasonable pricing.

The pricing policy is a result of a comlex strategy application. Its objective is to reduce the prime cost throughout the entire production process.

Just in time. Strict contract execution.

We implement some principles developed by Toyota motor company to ensure proper contract execution. When signing a contract our clients receive a schedule, and the whole production process follows this timing. Then the client receives a report upon completion of every single technological stage.