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One of the largest machine-building corporations in Russia. Its specialization is optical equipment production for defense and civil industry.

ООО "Metallium"

Mechanoprocessing. Thermal treatment. Galvanization. Painting. The company specializes in laser, plasmic, hydroabrasive laying-out of sheet materials and mechanical polishing.

ООО "Petrosnab"

Metal-roll supplier.

Interactive Systems Production

Attractions developer

Русская версия

ZAO "AgroTechMach"

A leading Russian agroindustrial machinery manufacturer.

ZAO "SINTEZ NDT", member of "UNITEST" Group

The company is a leading manufacturer of high-stability x-ray equipment. This equipment is used worldwide for nondestructive testing in oil and gas industry. ZAO "SINTEZ NDT" uses our hardware components in their serial and unique device production.

OOO "Titan"

Mechanoprocessing. Steel-works. Metal construction manufacturing.

ZAO "Telekort"

Complex equipment and integrated security systems.